Want to Earn Extra Cash? Check out our Lone Rider Affiliate Program

Want to Earn Extra Cash? Check out our Lone Rider Affiliate Program

What motorcyclist doesn’t like making a little extra money? With the Lone Rider Affiliate program, now you can.

The concept is simple: live with one of the many products Lone Rider offers, give it a thorough and honest review, and share your thoughts all over the internet and social media.

You then add your affiliate link somewhere within the review, and whenever someone uses that link to make a purchase, they will become “your” customer, and Lone Rider will give you 10% of whatever purchase they make. That’s it!

Yes, it really is that easy, and considering how you already love Lone Rider tents, luggage, and motorcycle protection, giving an honest review shouldn’t be too difficult.

All you have to do is sign up at https://lonerider.refersion.com/ and fill out the basic questions.

Don’t worry–you won’t be asked for any personal information. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a link to take you to your dashboard where you’ll see your referral code and financial tracker.

You’ll also receive a best practices document with specific details and rules you need to remember before embarking on the affiliate journey. After that, get started reviewing! 

Want to Earn Extra Cash? Check out our Lone Rider Affiliate Program

But before you get too carried away, there is one important ground rule to understand:

Be Honest

First and foremost, an honest review is absolutely critical as it establishes not only your credibility but ours too. If you like something, say so. If you don’t, then really say so. Helping others understand our products and how it may or may not suit their needs is an important way to generate loyalty. And loyalty creates repeat customers. And repeat customers mean a continuous stream of residual income. It’s a win/win!

After that, here are some tips to get started:

Get Yourself On Social Media

This should be obvious already, but if you don’t already have a Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube account, it’s about time you make one. These are the best platforms to share your experiences–and your referral code–with others. 

Make Yourself At Home On Forums

Lone Rider products cater to the Adventure rider, and so it makes sense to seek them out online where they congregate the most. Forums are one of those places.

Whether it’s Adventure-specific or motorcycle-specific if you organically become an active member of forums and don’t hang around as a lurker, that will add some credibility to your name. Even though you’ll be posting reviews with affiliate links (and making that perfectly transparent), the goal is to have others see you as a voice within the community that actually “gets it.” 

Consider Your Own Blog

If you’re really outspoken and like to write, you could also add a personal blog to your resume. Write your reviews on the blog and hopefully, you can generate enough traffic to funnel people towards Lone Rider.

But the key to blog writing is consistency and that’s incredibly hard to do.  

Like most endeavors worth doing in life, getting started is always the hardest part. With the Lone Rider Affiliate program, once you get moving maintaining your momentum should be easy. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today.