BMW R 1250 GS Accessories: 5 Must Haves

BMW R 1250 GS Accessories: 5 Must Haves

For some, purchasing a new ADV bike—particularly a BMW R 1250 GS—is the beginning and the end. The big Beemer arrives standard with all the capability one could possibly need. Or so you think.

The most beautiful aspect of motorcycling isn’t the bikes themselves, but rather how they’re outfitted, tailored and accessorized to represent the rider’s needs and riding style. Seriously, look around. There’s a very real chance that no two motorcycles at the local riding group or trailhead are identical.

Some may live for conquering the most technical back wood trails a GS has ever seen and equipped with suspension upgrades and accessories needed to do so.

Others, well, they may seek the longest hauls in the motorcycling world, spending close to a thousand miles in the saddle per day and often camping alongside their bikes in remote locations. Best believe their BMW’s will be fitted with aftermarket seats, extra fuel tanks and tents, plus more.

The point is adventure motorcycles are almost infinitely customizable, and taking advantage of it reaps major benefits. 

In the section below, we dive into our favorite five accessories for the BMW R 1250 GS. Read on!


BMW R 1250 GS Accessories: MotoBags

MotoBags - The Ultimate Semi-Rigid Bag on the Market

LoneRider’s MotoBags are the best in the business, hands down. The semi-rigid bag construction uses a waterproof outer layer called Hypalon, while a high-strength plastic board gives the MotoBag its shape and a lightweight aluminum chassis carries it along.

The benefits of the MotoBag? You can read about them here.

In short, a semi-rigid design offers a maximum level of safety when the going gets rough (think: Would you rather an aluminum hard case pannier land on a limb in the event of a fall? Or would a soft case offer more safety? Thought so.)

Besides, they’re 100 percent waterproof, fully collapsible and extremely lightweight relative to aluminum cases.

  • Sold in 31 and 38 Liter capacities
  • 100% waterproof
  • Fully collapsible
  • Lightweight 

The MotoTent - The Best Option for Motorcycle Camping 

Let’s face it. Falling asleep with your motorcycle being totally visible to unknown campers or passersby isn’t easy. 

Purchasing a MotoTent is a perfect solution to the problem, while also providing a comfortable sleeping space for up to two riders.

The MotoTent provides a tunnel and canopy to hide your motorcycle from curious eyes and onlookers, while also serving as protection against unfavorable weather conditions. One of the best parts? The whole structure weighs only 12 pounds, meaning it is easy to haul along for any trip.

Motorcycle Protection! Save Your GS and Yourself

Whether you purchased your BMW R 1250 GS as an Adventure model with factory-installed crash protection, the added safety is an absolute necessity. Unfortunately, crashing can and will happen if you plan on tackling technical sections of trail, and you better be prepared for it.

BMW Motorrad offers various safety accessories aimed at protecting your GS, including a frame guard, engine protection bars, radiator protectors, skid plates and more. All can save your bike in the case of a tip-over, likely saving you from catastrophic damage to the engine cases and frame. Oh, and offered handguards will save your fingers from bush-whacking or getting pinched!

Other manufacturers offer a number of other bits, like LoneRider’s MotoArmor headlight guard offers added protection for when the going gets tough.

BMW R 1250 GS Accessories: 5 Must Haves

A GPS Unit!

Believe it or not, traveling by the star constellations is a thing of the past. It’s 2020. A large number of manufacturers produced GPS units that are specifically designed for ADV motorcycle riding and are easily equipped to your BMW R 1250 GS.

Sure, an iPhone or Android guided GPS will get you to and from your workplace with no issue, but there’s some downfalls. Believe us, we tried using them for years. First, phone’s struggle with overheating issues when faced with direct sunlight, not to mention running a GPS syetm drains its battery. You’d be out of luck to be out of battery needing to make an emergency call.

Buying a motorcycle-specific GPS unit is a must for serious ADV riders. Why? They’re designed with adventuring in mind. Most, like units from Garmin, are built with a ruggedized and waterproof construction to handle the toughest conditions. That, and motorcycle-specific GPS units point out trail options, gas stations and scenic destinations to make your ride epic.

But ALWAYS bring a paper map! Batteries die and technology breaks, but a map will point you home when all else fails.

An Aftermarket Kickstand Foot

Okay, let us explain this one. How many times have you set your GS or another motorcycle on its side stand to have it fall over because of improper placing or lack of a firm hold. It could mean a broken clutch or brake lever, or worse. Don’t let a 0 mph tip over ruin your ride. 

Manufacturers like Touratech offer enlarged kickstand shoes that boost the surface area or footprint of the stand on the ground. This reduces the chance of the stand piercing the ground and allowing the motorcycles to fall over. It’s cheap insurance.